I am blessed to be a mother, sister, daughter and wife. There is nothing that brings me more joy than raising my six children.

While being a stay-at-home mom is my career, I have always had an affinity for fashion and style. It has been perfectly said "fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it." I am inspired by the classic grace of Jacqueline Kennedy's wardrobe and the simple beauty of Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress. I love to the feminine silhouettes by Prada and  Valentino. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding off-the-rack dresses that work with my lifestyle. The designer dresses are usually too short and sleeveless; we all need the options given to Kate Middleton! She makes modest dresses chic, however, her dresses are custom made and unavailable to the public to purchase. So for the past few years I have been altering and designing my own dresses.

With the encouragement of my darling family, courtneykate has become a reality. There have been miracles every step of the way fulfilling this vision. I could not have done it without all the people who helped along the journey. My goal is to design modest, timeless dresses for the women I love.

You can find more information on courtney-kate.com or follow on Instagram @courtneykate.